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Instead of trying to "win" the negotiation with ONE buyer, you should price your home so demand for it is maximized.  Our "auction" plan can do this (or by using our MLS plan).  By pricing your home 15% or so BELOW market value, you will attract 90% or more of potential buyers (versus 60% if you price your home AT market value or just 30% if you price your home 10% ABOVE market value).  By pricing your home 15% or so BELOW market value (capturing 90% of ALL buyers), you won't be negotiating with one buyer over the price, but will instead have multiple buyers competing with each other over your home and THIS will drive your home price up (many times even higher than market value) plus your home will sell faster!

We Can Sell Your Home Through
A Traditional MLS Listing OR Potentially Easier And Faster By Using Our Innovative Non-Distressed Home Auction Plan

With Our Innovative Non-Distressed Home Auction Plan, The Seller Pays 0% Listing Commission Or Even 0% TOTAL Commission As The Buyer Covers That As A Buyer's Premium

(the seller in THIS auction platform has the right to
ACCEPT, COUNTER, or REJECT the highest winning bid)

Our Innovative Non-Distressed Home Auction Plan is a hybrid between a live real estate auction and a traditional real estate transaction. Our auction process works better than any other method to buy and sell a home in ANY market condition.  Our Innovative Non-Distressed Home Auction Plan method of marketing and selling a home offers buyers and sellers more options, control and transparency when buying or selling real estate.

No more multiple offers with sellers seeking “highest and best offers” and buyers not knowing what to offer.  Buyers see EXACTLY what is being offered and can decide what they are willing to pay for a home.

At the end of the bidding process, the winning buyer (if the final bid is acceptable to the home seller) will proceed with a standard Purchase Agreement, with all buyer’s contingencies and inspection time frames.

The whole process is transparent and convenient, which is why sellers and buyers love the process.

Benefits To The Seller
you enjoy a simple sales process that requires no negotiating on your end
you don't have to accept the auction's highest bidder
the buyer pays the listing commission (or more) as seller requests (as a buyer's premium)
the auction deadline creates buyer urgency
for average priced homes, the typical time line is 14 days to procure a buyer
you set the terms and day of your auction so that you can plan your life accordingly
the sale is not contingent on appraisals
the competitive bidding process helps you receive the true market value of your home
experienced professionals handle all the marketing, promotion, paperwork, and auction

Benefits To The Buyer
complete control over buying the home you want
eliminates multiple "blind offer" situations
complete price transparency
the ability to preview the home before bidding... no hidden surprises
reduced buyer premium if you don't have an agent
normal contract and closing process
traditional financing accepted

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