Just A Few Examples Of My Many 5 Star Ratings...  
NOT ONE Of My Clients Has Rated Me Less Than 5 Stars!

From A Real Estate Lender Buying A Home For A Rental

Example Of Unsolicited Testimonials From A Real Estate Investor

Dear Ken and Janice,

I wanted to follow-up with you after the smooth, glitch free sale of my property in Hidden Meadows, Escondido.

What a simple hassle free experience! I am an experienced property owner and everyone is always ready to tell you "they" can do the BEST job and get you Lots More Money!  But you were honest, very detailed and ready to get going for a commission less than the standard industry, Wow!

I know I listed higher than you recommended the first few days and then decided to go with your pricing and 8 days is all it took!  Clean sale, fast and you did all the foot work to make it all happen!  

I have More to sell, I'll be returning soon!  Thanks again, it was so simple.

J Johnson

Dear Ken and Janice,

Here I am AGAIN writing to thank you on a second property I listed with you this time in Temecula!  Saturated market that it was, I went with your recommendation for pricing (although I wanted to start lower to make it as fast sale), I went with your higher amount.

You had a really great Open House weekend and only 10 days on the market and I was in escrow!  Yes, another smooth, straight forward sale that closed in 30 days and another reduced commission!  So I Saved Money and Made money on this one, because I went with your listing price instead of mine!

Great job!  I have more, and I'll be back!

J Johnson

Dear Ken and Janice,

Well Ken, this is my third letter.  It's worth the paper and time to again say Thank You for selling my third and I consider the most challenging home.  

I was moderately doubtful that my Mobile Home in Lawrence Welk with a saturated market would even get a few showings.  I listed it higher than you suggested and it was not generating any interest, so yes, I followed your lead and reduced the price.  In escrow on the 14th day, incredible!  A 30 day escrow, impressive, simple and clean, no hassle!  

Thanks  ONE more time (that's three) and yes, I have more and will be seeing you soon!  I'm telling everyone and anyone who wants to sell, YOU are the go-to-agent!

J Johnson

Examples Of Unsolicited Testimonials From Our Other Happy And Satisfied Clients

"You are incredible agents, the best we ever worked with!  We wish you could help us buy a home in San Francisco where we are moving!"
 -  Tommy and Catherine

"As an investor, I have sold several homes in southern California, and Ken and Janice are by far the best agents I have ever worked with. They are a husband and wife team and clearly are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the sales process and kept me well informed the entire way. Plus I saved thousands of dollars with their 4 percent total commission. I highly recommend them."
 -  Jeremy

"Hurrah!  Thanks again from the Hastert and Stone family!  You made this whole process of selling the house the easiest we have ever experienced.  Feel free to use us as a reference.  God bless!"
 - Janet and Tom

"We feel, it was lucky meeting you. Looking forward, working with you. We are POSITIVE, and we believe in you."
 - Tom and Susie

"Through all of my years of buying and selling real estate Ken was by far the best agent I have ever dealt with. He and his wife as a team were clearly very knowledgeable in all aspects of the sales process and kept us well informed the entire way.  Plus we save a LOT of money!  Thank you."
  - Mark

"It's amazing how people come into your life that make such a profound difference."
   - Chris

"Thank you Ken for all you have done....my aunte that is very dear to me lives in Moreno Valley. I have told them of all your hard work you are doing for us and they want to talk about you representing them...they will be relocating out of state as well...they will give you a call soon..."
   - Christopher

"Thank you for a job well done! You earned your commission......I think!"
   - Curt

"Ken & Janice, We are leaving in less than two weeks and just wanted to say Thanks for a job that exceeded our expectations at a cost that was lower than we expected. We would (and have) recommend you to anyone. Thanks, God bless."
   - Dan

"We are very happy with your service. It has been exceptional... Thanks for all that you have been doing!"
   - Dana

"Hi, Ken & Janice! Thanks for everything. You can count on my reference."
   - Dave

"Ken, I love all the work you've done so far. The quick response was incredible! My husband got home last night and was surprised to already see the sign up, not to mention the flyers in the box and then was even more impressed to see the websites, etc. up and running. He thought I would have been doing good to just get the sign up by Friday.... =) Thank you so much!"
   - Jennifer

"UNBELIEVABLE!!! You are going to be the talk of the town! I stopped by the house to pick up my mail last Saturday and saw that the house next door is still for sale. I am so lucky mine sold when it did."
   - Karen

"You rock! I was amazed that you had me listed the same day you came late at night...and our property sign and great-looking flyers were done the very next morning! Thanks Ken!"
   - Rick

"Ken & Janice, You did an outstanding job with the web site and the handout piece - especially in such a short period of time! You are truly amazing!"
   - Rob

"Hi Ken & Janice team, You're kickin' butt. We are very happy to have you working for us. I'm glad I was out front planting flowers the day you came by with door ads. We really appreciate your efforts. My sister used the same agent to sell her house as she did a year before when she bought. The agent used the same flier from a year earlier when my sister bought her house, and she really hasn't helped my sister much through closing. The color flier you did was great - not to mention you had it back to us in a couple hours. We will recommend your services to anyone we can. We're really looking forward to working with you."
   - Sandie

"Thank you for all your help in the sale of our home. Both Nicky and I really appreciated yourprofessional service. We will let others know about your Realty. We plan to get together soon, take care."
   - Tim

"Hi Kenneth & Janice, How is everything going? Selling the house and moving and then trying to squeeze a family trip in before school started was a whirlwind. Sorry it's taken so long but I wanted to thank you and your wife for doing such a great job of selling out house. We were very pleased with the sale, super happy with the price and grateful for your generosity in reducing your commission on our behalf. Our experience with you has been so much better than past real estate transactions. You were always attentive to our concerns and straight up honest with us. Hope to see you around sometime. There are a lot of houses around us for sale. I think Sherry wants to look at their floor plans. So if you are in the neighborhood let us know and we will go look, if it fits in your schedule. Thank you again for your great service!"
   - Tom

Examples Of Unsolicited Testimonials From Other Real Estate Professionals